Crimson White Writeup and Other Updates

Hello, all,

First, a HUGE thank you to those who came to last night’s recital. As soon as I get the tapes, I will post highlights on the Sound Clips page of my main website. It was a privilege to share so much great music with such an appreciative audience!

Secondly, I am pleased to announce that I have received unsolicited publicity! Check out the article from today’s Crimson White, which features what I think is a very nice write-up about my current work and studies.

The past week has been a busy one–in addition to my recital preparations, I have been typing away at the first draft of my terminal DMA document, which I finally sent to my graduate studies adviser at about 3:30am on Sunday morning. This does not mean I can breathe much easier, since all of my students are preparing for All-State and our trumpet studio has a busy weekend ahead, but it does mean that I will soon be updating and expanding the site–in particular, look for an update on the Equipment page, where I will be incorporating the information I’ve learned at recent conferences.

In the meantime, happy practicing!

All the best,

-Brittany :)

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