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Happy new year! Though more or less overwhelmed by the task of writing a DMA document (which is basically the same thing as a dissertation except considerably shorter), I have decided to take a break and announce two upcoming performances:

Solo Recital with Brad Baker (piano)

January 13, 8:00pm, Moody Music Building, Tuscaloosa, AL

This is a program featuring several standards from my repertoire, including one of the first pieces I really loved, Kent Kennan’s Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, and one of the pieces I most love today, Richard Peaslee’s haunting Nightsongs (which features fl├╝gelhorn, for all of my curious students out there :)). I’ll also be reprising Jim Stephenson’s L’esprit de la trompette (using my E-flat trumpet), which I was privileged to premiere last July in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Finally, I am hoping to be able to present The Angle of the Ocean, Amir Zaheri’s brand new work for unaccompanied fl├╝gelhorn, which I commissioned a while back and just received over the holidays. Admission is free and audience members are welcome!! For the address and phone numbers for the UA campus, please visit this site.


Guest Appearance with the Capitol Sounds Concert Band

January 17, 7:00pm, J.A. Pickard Auditorium, Selma, AL

Many thanks to the members of the Capitol Sounds Concert Band for inviting me to join them in Selma! This will be my fourth appearance with the band; we will be performing Alfred Reed’s lush and lyrical Ode for Trumpet. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my experiences with Capitol Sounds; the group has turned out a strong, crowd-pleasing performance at every show I’ve been to. I am excited to share the stage with them again in a couple of weeks!


Updates will likely be scarce for the next two weeks as I scramble to finish my paper before the recital, but I’m always open to suggestions about the site. If you have a question you would like me to address online, drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do. :)

All the best,

-Brittany :)

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