Launched in 2011 and revised in 2019, The Trumpet Pedagogy Project outlines the fundamental components of a mainstream (“classical”) approach to trumpet performance. It is designed primarily for teachers who have run up against problems they don’t know how to solve and who may feel overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting trumpet-related information on the web. Much of this content will also be useful to self-directed, post-college players who are looking to revitalize their playing.

Certain topics fall outside the scope of this site. These include jazz improvisation, orchestral auditions, custom instruments and mouthpieces, and extreme upper register (i.e. double high C). The information available here is intended to help build a healthy and sustainable manner of playing; once that foundation is established it can be applied to various specializations.

The original incarnation of this site also included information for pre-college students and their parents. I’ve since narrowed my focus to more nearly match what I do on a daily basis, which is to work with future music educators as a collegiate instructor. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Author’s Note

There are many well-respected pedagogues who have taught longer than I and whose online advice is both respected and reliable. This site is not intended to replace what they have to say, and it would be presumptuous to try. However, phrasing is everything. If the information here is useful to you, feel free to check out my homepage to see who I am and how I play. You can also follow me on Twitter (@trumpetpedagogyproject). In the meantime, happy reading and happy practicing!

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